Magic tears and butt-head Masters

Master and I are sitting at the receiver waiting to be unloaded. He woke me up at 8:00 Am because He wanted to get this load delivered early so we might have a chance to get out of Dallas either today or tomorrow. We have been sitting here since Friday. Master much prefers if we get delivered, then get another one coming right back out of the same city. Lately though that hasn’t been happening. In the trucking business more miles equals more money. Lately we haven’t been doing very little miles because either Freight (all your goodies. We deliver anything from rolls of paper that your TP gets made out of, to Bottled water, to supplies for staples) is very slow, or His Fleet Manager is lazy. My guess, since she is a total bitch and hasn’t gotten along with Master since day 1, is she is just lazy and won’t fight to get us a load. I understand it’s not her job to get us the load. Basically she is in charge of payroll and home time… We haven’t had a paycheck decent enough for her to bother for quite a while, and she doesn’t get us home when He puts in for it. So she is rather useless. What she CAN do though, is pester the planners that are in charge of the loads, their destination and so on and so forth. But she wont do that. So this is the second week she has landed our unhappy butts in Dallas. Which takes forever to get out of on an Extremely busy time of the year(christmas). Master finally had enough of her crapola yesterday and went around her like He is wont to do. He doesn’t like taking orders from anyone. Especially her. So He called up someone else and got this local in hopes it would put us in a better position to get out of here. I really hope it works. There’s only so much you can take of being stuck in the Dallas Yard when you just want to scream and break free like a loco escaped convict. *giggles* And believe you me I am there!!

Only up side tomorrow, Master starts on this thing called the “Pilot program”. He will officially be off our current Fleet Managers list and on some guy named Marks list. He also gets to go online and pick His own freight. So there’s a very BIG possibility that we will be rolling constantly. As the passenger I can only take so much driving at a time. He is legally allowed to drive 10 hours a day with 4 hours put in for off-duty or non-driving time. Then He HAS to stop wherever we are at and take His 10 hour break. It’s the Federal law for truck drivers. Kinda sucks for me. But I will have to grit my teeth and not complain, because at least with this there’s a possibility of making around 6-8 hundred dollars a week. *SQUEALS EXCITEDLY* This has the potential to be a blessing in disguise. That’s how I have to look at it anyway.

On another note. Master and I have been doing rather well yesterday and today. The other day He was acting like a complete ass until we got back to the truck and He noticed me crying. He of course turned back into His normal caring self and asked me what was wrong. When I explained to Him that His actions today made me feel pathetic and I didn’t know what caused Him to be this way. He apologized right away and we talked for a good 2 hours on how things could be different if he just told me what was wrong when it happened. Mind reader I aint! And we also talked about how He hasn’t been using me to my full capacity lately because He’s afraid that in doing so I will become hurt and start to dislike Him. (He said the “hate” word. But I refuse to say that word in the same sentence with Him. *sticks tongue out at Master*) But when I explained to Him that His holding out hurts worse, because I can’t reach my full potential when He does, I think it sank in finally. Because I am 100% happy to report that, so far, He has done exactly what He said He would. I feel more owned, restricted and submissive. All of which are extremely good things for me. I like it when my Master is rather strict with the rules. That way I know where I can go and can’t go. If that makes any sense to any of you…

What I don’t get is how Master’s can be evil little butt heads one minute, but then they see their property cry or upset and they get all mushy again.. I mean what is up with that?!? Maybe there’s a chemical in tears that makes men revert and repent. If there is then we should Bottle that chemical and ship it off to be mass-produced!! So every woman, daughter, sister, mother, and slave can have a vial of “Tear serum” ready so when they do act all “Grrr.. I’m Master so… GRRR”… You can open that up and slip it into his oh say morning Pepsi. And Presto!!! Instant apology. Or at least sympathy depending on the Man. *shrugs* So there’s a few kinks in the plan… Anyone got a hammer??

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