Thinking as one

(Was suppose to be for Yesterday but internet was off)
Apparently Master and I were thinking alike yesterday with out even knowing it. He was having an image in His head all day of placing a kennel in between the seats, puting me in it and feeding bits of food or snacks to me through out the day. With out speaking to one another we were thinking about the same deviant fantasies. It is very strange sometimes to think that we are so much alike that we sometimes think the same things.

Then again sometimes Master pushes the fantasies to the max. Testing the boundaries or limits that I have put into place to see exactly how far I will go with a certain thing. And sometimes that is a bit to far for my taste.

I am still getting use to the idea of being used as just property. As either a toy for Master’s pleasure, a piece of furniture or a trinket to dress up and show off. Any and all of those should be viewed as very wrong. But they aren’t, just like the pup play. I still have a smallish struggle to get into the mindset to allow that sort of thing to happen. I think the more that Master uses me in that way the easier it will be. Practice makes perfect after all.
Sense this is my first relationship that I have had to lower myself into a type of second class citizenship I still have thoughts, feelings and ideals that aren’t befitting a slave. I still have a really hard time accepting the double standards of this life, but I am getting better. This is the life that I have chosen to live with the Man and Master that I love. I am going to strive to do it right. Master has this personality trait that demands that if someone does something (especially us) then they should do it right. Don’t pussy foot around or make excuses for not doing it. Just do it and either get it done and move on, or get it done and learn from it. I have tried to live up to that statement the whole time I have been on this truck. And let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty the first few months. I was fighting the rules, my place and my duties at every turn. With all of that I have gotten way better. If you think I’m bad now, You must not of known us in the beginning.

Like I’ve said before I know I’m not a perfect slave. That I do voice my concerns and argue with my Master when my beliefs are being questioned. But if Master still wants to own me and He doesn’t mind any of that. Then everyone elses opinion doesn’t matter. The only one that I listen to is Him. If He tells me I’m out of line, then I am. But some person that isn’t involved in any of this isn’t going to tell me what I’m doing is wrong. Only Master has that kind of power.

Last night after my post people got all upity again. I wasn’t talking about anyone and yet the drama still happened. Plus we were in roaming so not only did that phone call ruin His call with His daughter (by making it non-existent!) it also cost us a fortune we don’t have! We have been in the hole with this business since the beginning and now we have to spend extra just to set some chicky straight?? W.T.F. is up with that?! But Master and I talked about it for a long while last night. We came up with a simple solution. I ignore the drama and try to make nice. Which I will do once this conversation is over and done with. If it can be fixed it will be, if not it wont be. Either way it will be resolved. One way is good for Master, me and her. The other way is bad for everyone especially her. From this point on though I am going to ignore all the harsh digs, the pettiness and drama from everyone in my life and concentrate on my servitude to my Master.

Right now we are going along the mountains of West Virginia and a more pretty sight I can not imagine. The trees are all green and blooming. Everything is just breath-taking right now. I really like the purple splotches from the trees. We go through so many places that have great views, sometimes it’s taken for granted just how pretty it is up here. Master says that if people ignore it He figures it was made for Him to enjoy. And that is exactly what He does. He only gets to see small glimpses because He’s driving but that is in a large part why I take the pictures. I can’t wait until a digital camera shows up. I have a nack for taking pictures and always have. I really like doing it and now it helps Him see what He missed.

Right now I am going to enjoy the time that I have been gifted with this view and my Master.

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