Terminals are sooo boring

Well, we are still in the Terminal in Atlanta Ga. The only good thing about that is the truck is now in the shop. Unfortunately it’s Friday. The company He works for has a tendency to go über slow on Friday. They just do the work that is expected of them so they can go home for the weekend sooner rather than later. And on any other circumstances I would half-way agree with that. But not this time. If we have to stay still all weekend then we are going to have to get a large-ish loan once more. Which will put our grand total over $-3000 in the hole. With the rate we are going right now, I don’t foresee getting out in a L.O.N.G while! Master is going to be livid if this happens. So livid in fact that He will be calling His FM and make them pay for the hotel. However long we stay there. It was not our idea to come to this blasted place. We could have had the battery fixed in the TA truck stop in Cartersville Ga… Two nights ago! But alas it wasn’t and now we are stuck.

They just came to get Master conserning the seat so we might actually be out of here today. Thank goodness. I am crossing my fingers for that outcome. And holding my breath! I so don’t want to be stuck here all weekend. That would make getting out of the hole impossible with this company anyway. We can’t go to company drivers because of the trial. Plus Master likes His freedom. And also if we go back to mileage then we won’t have the freedom to pick our own loads and get to the court-house in time. Plus it would be the exact same money just no guarantee on the same miles. I guess I will wait and see what Master decides… It’s all pretty much a waiting game from here on in any way.

The truck drivers here were playing practical jokes with this fake snake. This poor man would have ran into the wall if they didn’t tell Him the snake was a fake. It was funny! The only bad thing about all of that is that they just kept going and going. These kind of things are supposed to be spontaneous, not every person that comes by.

It’s now 7:12pm and I think the truck is done. It wasn’t in the shop and Master had to go look for it. So either they pulled it out so we can sleep or it’s done. I bet you can’t guess which one I am rooting for. I so don’t want to be here another day with being soo bored. There is only so many rowdy truck drivers here it isn’t funny. I have been hit on with insinuations in the last two minutes exactly three times. Now if Master was here next to me, they would NEVER do that! This is something that I have to deal with on a daily basis. I have on a baggy rain coat on and they still do this. I don’t even want to think about what they would do if I took it off and just wore what is underneath. With out Master here I would never do that, for that reason alone. It’s gotten so bad that I don’t feel comfortable not wearing a bra like Master wishes and loves. I don’t feel safe unless I have that extra protection from prying eyes or otherwise I don’t feel safe. I don’t like hearing people talking about me when they are talking about cars then I hear… “Will you let her? (drive his car)”… “Yeah, I’ll ride her…”. What kind of sickness is that? It’s not like I am flirting with anyone. I have no desire to flirt with stinky truck drivers. Nuh-uh! No thank you!!

I understand that they are men and I’m in a male predominate business but that still doesn’t give them the right to stare like they do and insinuate such vile things. It makes me very nervous to be by myself with so many men.

I have HUGE trust issues when it comes to men. They only reason I trust Master is because when we were still getting to know one another He proved to me that I could and that He will always take care of me.

Master just came back and they broke our radio! He is once again livid! I have to go calm Him down.

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