On the road again

Master and i are once again back out on the road. The truck is finally fixed god willing. The last time that we had it worked on it took about a month for the batteries to break again. i am already tired and we just started.

We are pulling a very heavy load of Beer to Granite City Illinois. Then off to the very depths of Southern Texas. The load was supposed to be ready at 9:00AM this morning, but it was around 5:30PM by the time the darn thing was actually loaded.

So Master and i went out to breakfast which turned out to be the lunch buffet. It was yummy. Southern food is the best thing in the world other than Indian and Italian. Made my tummy full and yummy lol. Our phone charger died sometime this week and we have been conserving our battery until we could afford a new one. And today was that day. i had to answer three messages from a friend of mine and Master is now on the phone with a buddy of His. Apparently they are putting their heads together so we could possible meet up with them. After the last disaster i am extremely hesitant about meeting anyone from Master’s past. Except His little girl. i’m actually looking forward to that. Plus i do better with kids then adults anyway. Adults piss me off with all their pre-conceived notions and stupidity. Children are much more entertaining to hang around.

There really isn’t all that much to tell. Today has just been a day of relaxation that we didn’t really need. Enough with the relaxing already. Master has been edgy, wanting to leave and get back on the road. And in all honesty so have i. It’s actually good to be back on the road again. Just don’t tell anyone i said so.

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