A new blog and new beginning?

I’m sorry everyone for the cloak-and-dagger routine. I wish it wouldn’t have been necessary. As I said on the other blog, my hand was forced in changing sites. I had been thinking about doing this very thing, just with ample opportunity for you to find and/or locate this one. But the person that was just giving my hard work to strangers that didn’t really care, was threatening to post my link on her home page. That my friends is very unacceptable!

The girl who Master had previously collared has turned into a raving bitch! At every opportunity she was trying to make Master mad. I get the whole “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” thing, but come on! It was a computer program! It wasn’t like she was owned by Him in real life. Once un-collared she should have just left it alone. Just like W/we tried to do. But enough of her…

Master and I are doing good. We are in Texas right now and the heat is unbearable. He has the AC on full blast and I am still sweating my rump off. We have a load going to the “bottom” of Texas as Master puts it. It is just going to get hotter and hotter the further south we go. We have been drinking more Gatorade and water in the last three days then the last three weeks. It’s insane how hot it gets down here!

Tomorrow Master has set up a “Dinner date” with a friend of His and his wife. I am extremely nervous about meeting these people because of the last time I was supposed to meet His family. That was such a disaster. Master has assured me that they are nothing like the evil beings that claim to be His family. I am trying to draw strength from His positive attitude and personal strength. When it comes to this I am trusting Master to be my rock and my shoulder if need be. I just have a hard time trusting people in general. My life, even though short in numbers, has taught me to watch my back. Threats can come from any source. I’m just glad Master got through that shell.

We are going through Houston Texas right now, so I have to go help navigate.

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