More questions

We are stopped and parked for the night and it isn’t even 6:00PM. I love when we stop early. It’s still rather nice outside instead of dark and Master and I get to play around a little bit rather than eat then go to bed. 🙂

A little while ago my Master asked me two very serious questions that were spaced out through the day. One was “If I went to Iraq for a year as an explosives/supplies truck driver, would you be ok with that?” First, facts. Master has thought about this before. He is a former Marine so when 9/11 happened it renewed His sense of whup-ass. For one year He would get paid $300 grand. Which if it wasn’t in the middle of a Warzone would be very appealing. But He would be putting His life in danger every minute of the day. There would be a huge possibility that He wouldn’t get back in one piece or even alive. I very much like His body in one peice and His heart beating causing Him to I dunno… Breath! So I told Him I am not ok with that, at all. Even though we need money. We don’t need it that bad. I have been firmly against that from the beginning. Anything to do with Master putting His life in danger, I will be against.

The other question was, “Why don’t you beg for my cock?”. Honestly I have never seen the point. The only time I would feel comfortable with begging would be when I’m in a complete submissive state of mind. Which doesn’t happen often. Master would have to step up His A-game ten-folds. He has already improved a lot this last week almost two. I have always had a difficult time lowering myself in my actions. I’m not really sure why that is. I will do pup play and happily agree to having my behind thrown into a cage. But begging? Not so much. I really wish I knew why that was, other then I don’t feel submissive enough. Maybe I’m afraid to be that vulnerable to Master. *shrugs* It’s deffinately something I will have to think on.

Master wants to go eat. We are at a T.A and apparently it has a good spread for the Buffet. We will see when I get in there. 🙂

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