Conversation killer

Do you know the sure-fire way to kill a conversation? Well, it’s easy. Say something hurtful or a dig to the other person. Either that or pass gas.

Ever since Master’s pissing contest this morning/afternoon we have said a handful of words to each other. Every time I try to start-up a conversation he just doesn’t want to. Apparently he likes when I don’t talk. After all he did say to shut up. *shrugs* And here I thought my opinion mattered.

I know this is sounding like a bitch-fest or a venting session… That’s exactly what it is. I have no where else to turn when I have to express myself. So here it be.

Master and I were doing so well until he got stressed out again. You would think this job change is a good thing. Something he would look forward to. He gets a steady paycheck, house, health insurance and paid vacation! Plus he wouldn’t have to worry about the extra hassle and stress of owning a business. Now he just has to get up and show up. But I guess that’s the problem. He isn’t his own boss. Instead of looking at the great opportunity he is looking to the bad side of it… “Oh woe is me, I have to start over at 52 yrs old..”. Well, not trying to be insensitive here but so what?! It’s not just him anymore. Never really was for 11 years today. He has had his little girl for that long and now a in all intensive purposes, a wife. He has responsibilities that should be taken care of before some pride thing! It’s just ridiculous.

I am so sick of being snapped at today. I don’t know why the fuck I try when he is a butt!!

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