Same stuff different day

Well, Master and I are half way back to normal. He isn’t acting like a lunny-toon anymore. I really hate that he transforms into that when he is stressed. I will never understand that about him.

We didn’t sleep very harmoniously last night. My back is so messed up from Master puting his knees in it and his shoulder is completely fucked. He can’t lift it at all. At least I have some mobility in my back. He is going to have a hell of a time shifting gears today.

Only down side to being back to normal is I still don’t have my collar on. I’m sure it will be put back on at some point. I think Master is going to make me prove to him that I actually want it back. I of course want to be his slave, more than anything. I just don’t get the significance of the collar. Isn’t his true ownership and control within? All the collar really is is an outer show of the inner submission. At least that’s what I think. But heck, I could be wrong.

We will see as time goes by.

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