The beginning of change

Yesterday is when all of this started. My Master sent a message to his FM for a loan. Since we haven’t had a paycheck for, well ever. Master and I have been living off of advances and loans. But his FM wouldn’t do it. Obviously the small amount we have been getting a week ($100 a week) and the two loans we got ($1600 total) cancels out the one year of no paychecks. All Master was asking for was anywhere from $300-500 to pay our phone bill and eat. But his FM said No and that he could only do $100. So Master of course accepted that and cashed it after fuelling. If we don’t fuel they would take I think 5% of it. Doesn’t sound like a lot but when you only have $100 to eat off of it’s a meal. Then later on in the day Master tried again. The answer was still no…

Master put in his 2+ week notice and said he would fulfill his obligation to his contract but if it affects our eating money (the $100 advances) that Master will be forced to quit sooner. His FM apparently saw that as coping an attitude. Master replied he was being quite the gentleman after all this crap. And I agree. Master could have thrown a fit about not getting the money. But he didn’t. He just gave his notice that he was going to give with or without the money. But there is a very BIG possibility that his FM/company is going to halt the $100 advances since he gave his notice. That is why he was trying for the loan.

Master is still a little cranky because he is leaving his business. I think once he realizes it’s for the better he will be ok. Just have to give him a while to digest it I guess. Me? I couldn’t be happier! I just hope this 2-3 week period goes by über fast.

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