Hits just keep on coming

This morning Master got a message from his FM saying to call him asap. Usually that means Master did an oops on his log book. Naturally we didn’t think anything of it because that happens a bit. Not a lot but often enough to get annoying.

While we were driving to pick up a load going to Columbus Ohio Master gets his FM on the phone. Bad idea on Master’s part. A few days ago Master tripped out of the truck and his shoulder is all messed up, he can hardly move it and he needs it to shift. He was trying to drive one-handed which scares the holy heck out of me. His FM had him call to inform Master that he would have to give his notice in 30 days after the 90 day period. IF he wanted to fulfil is contract obligations. He wouldn’t be able to quit for another 2, count them 2 months!!


Master pretty much told his Fm that was never going to fly. He was quitting in a week or two. His FM was having none of that and said Master would be breaking his contract and would have to pay a termination fee. Pretty much our entire escrow account. There should be $3600 in there but some how there is only $1600. We weren’t going to see that money anyway but now it is definitely not ours! I really am starting to hate this company and business. If I step foot inside another truck within 10+ years it will be way to soon.

Master called W and told him the game plan. He is going to pick me and our stuff up in south Texas. So if every thing goes according to plan I will be off this hell hole in a week! I could not be happier. Master on the other hand is getting more and more cranky as the day gets closer. He keeps bringing up “If I wasn’t so pig-headed about leaving… I’d stay and see if my FM can do what he said.” in which case I say, “Yeah, after you drop me off at W and R’s!”. I’m not staying in this truck. If he wants to waste his life on this failed attempt, he can. But if he thinks I’m going to be next to him when he does it he is in store for a big disappointment. I have lost all liking for this job!

Other than the move and job change, there isn’t much to report. We are back in the rut of little to no control and discipline. I figured it wouldn’t take long for it to go away. Never does. But the one hope I have for this new change is Master will have the space he needs so maybe he will be less hesitant… Just maybe.

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