Master’s B-day

Have you ever worked so hard your whole body shakes? The last two days have been like that. Non-stop constantly working. I haven’t done this much work in over a year!

Three days ago, Master turned in his truck. He finally walked away. I wish we could have had one last scene in it, but T was going to pick us up. At first the plan was W would do it the next day. He had the day off so it would have worked out. R decided to do it that day while W was still at work.

So for the last two days this poor slave has been moving and cleaning while doing laundry. My whole body is protesting. But what was I going to do? Tell R no? I’ll get right on that… When hell freezes! I won’t be able to live here forever. I cant do it. I need a place that’s mine so I don’t get interrupted while doing my things to do other peoples things. I feel like I have 2 owners. Master and R.

Even though she is a slave driver, she is rather nice. Bossy, but nice. She is doing so much for us. It’s why I can’t say no. It would be wrong! Her and W are providing everything for us, And I do mean everything. For 60 days we don’t have to pay anything. Then we will only have to pay $150 a week. Basically we will pay rent while they pay everything else.

Tonight they are taking us to dinner for Masters B-Day. He will like it.. At least I hope he does. 🙂 He is in the shower now. Then I will take one and we will go.

His sore slave

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