1st day of change

I got a lot done today. It doesn’t seem like it because most of it was paper work and phone calls. I am beat! Master and I came up with a new daily routine. It doesn’t look like much but it will keep me busy. I now wake up at 8am every morning and go to bed between 10-11pm. Plus I have to exercise now. It’s written in the routine on purpose. I put it at eye level when i lay down so I can look at it before bed. Rather while in bed.

Now instead of the 5 steps I have to do 3 things for Master. I have to write them down then show Master before bed. I think this is going to be better. I never really liked the 5 steps very much. it was part of the reason why I don’t do them. Or didn’t. I’m getting so tired I can hardly think right!

I’m going to show Master the 3 things then go to bed.

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