Good girl

Kneeling beside his favorite lounge chair the girl waits for his return. Her bare flesh starting to get goose bumps from the air conditioner being set a bit to cold. Her pink nipples standing to attention. Wringing her hands in the bindings that she put on in her lap nervously as the minutes tick by with out the door opening and without Him walking in. Her thoughts start to travel to forbidden places. What if someone comes while I’m like this? Did something happen to Him? A slick sheen creeps over her palms as the girl starts to panic. Her heart pounding, her head jerks up at the sound of keys in the front door. Her eyes squeeze shut as soon as she hears the distinct sound of his boots. She learned that lesson a long time ago. Butterflies ignite a war dance inside her belly causing her nerves to rocket out of control. A hand moves along her cheek in a soft caress trailing down her neck over her collar to the middle of her throat. The hand tightens ever so slightly as she sucks in a breath of air.

“What a nice way to be greeted when I first get home. Spread your legs.” He commands in an all business voice. The girls thighs part instantly revealing the pleasure his touch gives her. Her feminine petals are slick with need. With a firm grip on her collar he forces her to move before him. His thumb moves to play over her red painted lips, “Open.” Before she could suck in a breath from her now opened mouth she feels the hard head of his shaft thrust into her mouth. Around his cock she whimpers at the musky taste of the drop of pre-cum beading there. “Suck.” Instantly she sucks ravenously at his throbbing shaft barely able to contain her excitement of being allowed to taste him. She hardly ever gets the chance to suck his cock to completion and her hopes are astronomical for this encounter. His quick breathing a signal that she might just get her wish, her head bobbing along his shaft even faster. The head hitting the back of her throat causing her gag reflex to flare up. Spit dribbles from her mouth down his balls and falls on her open thigh. His hands dig into her auburn curls taking the control of her head and mouth movements not allowing her to move. He thrusts his hips wildly, fucking her mouth as his balls tighten and his heart races. Muscles clinch as his fingers dig painfully into her hair and scalp. An intoxicating squeal escapes her throat causing him to slip over the edge, pouring his essence in her mouth. “Don’t swallow!” Whimpering the girl has no choice but to obey. The taste of him soothing her nerves and causing her need and lust to rise. “Now you may swallow.” Her head goes back as his cum slides down her throat. She opens her mouth to show him she swallowed every last drop… “Good girl. You didn’t waste any.”

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