The power of spankings

Yesterday was definitely interesting. Master went with W on his run so I was home with R. It wasn’t that bad all things considered. I didn’t do much. I was in the blah mood and quite frankly did zip. The night before yesterday I slept on the floor so my back was all kinds of messed up, plus I was kind of peeved at Master when he left the house. Can ya blame me? Don’t answer that!

Surprisingly my whole mood changed as soon as Master got home. When I saw him walk through the door my whole perspective kind of shifted. He was once again my main priority. I was more calm and in a submissive state which is kind of odd for me. It has never happened so suddenly like that. He also hasn’t been gone all day for… ever either. It put things in perspective for me. All the silly arguments mean nothing compared to the feeling I had yesterday and still have today. This new feeling will make working odd hours rough, but we will manage. We always do.

Apparently W’s sister thinks Master and I are into devil worship because of my collar. She went online and looked it up. She found out about B.D.S.M but of course came up with the wrong conclusion. She thinks because of the B.D.S.M we are devil worshipers. She doesn’t understand. She is to uptight. I hate when people close themselves off to new possibilities or realities without even getting the correct information about it. It’s just the wrong way to go about things in my opinion. Master is looking forward to when he can mess with her mind. He just Loves doing that. I am excited to see what he comes up with. Him and his deviant mind it could be anything!

Finally when everyone was asleep last night Master took us into the bedroom to administer my spankings. I very much-needed it after all the stress. As I’ve stated before the pain helps me cope with drama and stress. He found a new technique to cause more pain with minimal damage. It hurt like a B.I.T.C.H! I was so scared I would scream that I had to stand up. (Instead of a safeword it was a safegesture of standing up) I really didn’t want to but the pain was getting to well, painful. So he thankfully stopped then turned me around to start on my breasts to my surprise. They got really red. Unfortunately I don’t mark easily so I have yet to be really marked by my Master. I’m hoping that soon will change. I was wiggling so bad through the whole spanking (butt and breasts) Master had to threaten to tie me up to do it. *giggles* I am really wanting the spankings to become a nightly thing. That way I am more relaxed the next day.

I feel so much better the next day after a spanking verses without them. I’m not sure why that is. I’m just weird I suppose. *Shrugs*

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