What a crazy day!

Today has flown by so fast! One minute I am getting up and the next I’m here writing this blog. I hear having a good time and staying busy is a sure-fire way to make the day go quick but Damn! A little slower would have been nice.

Fast days like this always make me think I’m missing something. What haven’t I done today that Master told me to do?? I know it was something, I just hope it comes to me before bed-time so I can avoid punishment. My Master is real good about that too. He will give me the tools I need or the training I need but once He thinks I have it, off comes the life jacket and here comes the sharks! Unless it’s something that I am just working into my already existing routine. Then He gives me a grace period thankfully. I wish that it’s-ok-to-mess-up-time would last a wee bit longer but hey I gotta learn at some point.

This whole move has really changed our dynamic. Master is being more Dominate and assertive while I’m being more submissive and understanding. I am really happy about it to. I was never quite satisfied with the dynamics in the truck. There wasn’t enough control or activities to keep me interested. But here.. Ugh! There are so many things to do and I only keep up the one room. Even though it is a lot of work and I’m hardly standing still or in the same spot for long, I am really having the time of my life. Master is also more relaxed and happy. He isn’t all bottled up like He use to on the truck. It’s really good to see this side of Him pop out more and more each day. Even with the stress of W and R things are going good.

Actually things are going great. For the last 2-3 days everyone has been getting along. R hasn’t been that cranky and she seems happy. W is still kind of annoying but if you think of him as a giant kid it’s more tolerable. The only incident we have had was last night with R. I had the chicken out thawing yesterday and last night. I came into O/our bedroom to relax for a couple of bit with Master and when I went out there she had already marinated the chicken. I was really hurt and furious! To me cooking is a womans signature. You don’t mess with the recipes nor do you just do things without asking the one cooking. It’s just rude and wrong. I know that’s a bit old-fashioned but it’s the way I was raised. Thinking back on it today she was just trying to help. With her health she hasn’t been able to do any real cooking for a long time. And I kind of think she misses it. So today while I was cooking I told her that this time I would do it her way and next time I would do the chicken mine to compare. It was a great compromise and worked like a charm. Everyone was happily cooking away. The house smelled like heaven!

I got so mad last night because of that I started to cry. I don’t know why but they just started to fall until I had to ask/beg Master for a spanking for the pain. He allowed it. He knows how much cooking means to me and how special it is. For the first 10 minutes or so into the spanking I was just reveling in the pain. There was no safe-word or gesture this time. It was all about the pain and getting that burning sensation. Lemme tell ya, it was the most intense spanking I have ever gotten from my Master. After a while I just started to kind of float. My mind was shut down. For once my mind was silent. No thoughts about W and R, chores/duties that aren’t done or even what I was supposed to be thinking… It was blissfully nothing. I was able to just feel what was happening. I lasted a lot longer than any of us anticipated. Afterwards I was completely drained. I fell asleep pretty quick. It was fan-freaking-tastic!!!

I’m pretty sure we talked about what punishments would be for missing certain things before bed while cuddling… But I just can’t remember! I will have to ask Him about that.

On a side note… As you can tell, another day of internet. Here’s hoping even more till they figure it out.

July 9th is our anniversary!! I’m so excited. It’s going to be a day of just us. Master hopefully won’t have to work or go with W that day. Plus it’s a friday! What a great way to lead up to the weekend 🙂 Of course I will be blogging all about it if I can!

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