Once again I am sorry for my disappearance. When we moved in with Master’s friend and his wife, we didn’t have access to internet. Since then things have just been crazy. There is a very long version and then there is a short version.

What shall it be? Long or short?

When Master had us quit the over-the-road trucking business I don’t think he realized quite what He got us into. Living with them was one bad moment after the other. R was a complete bitch plus she was on all kinds of drugs both legal and not. She would snap and throw a fit about the littlest things. And her husband was such a wimp! I would say he is pussy whipped but he hasn’t had any from her in years.

Then she decided to rape Master on the rent. We stayed in a tiny room and she wanted $900 a month in rent. It was absurd and of course it never happened. We settled on $800 a month which was paid in weekly increments. Only she started to get worse because she started complaining about the money we were giving her. I mean she got it what the hells the difference how?? Beats the hell out of me.

Needless to say we are no longer there. Right now we are staying in a cheap crappy hotel until Master does his orientation with a new over-the-road trucking business. Only this time we will NOT be buying our own! That isn’t even in the category of possibilities. She threw us out over a thrown away cup of ice and taking a rental movie back. Isn’t that what your suppose to do, take the movie back after watching it?! She even had the audacity to call the cops on me because I wanted to call my Master and warn him instead of kissing her ass and doing what she says without talking to him!

I wouldn’t do anything as drastic as packing his things with out his knowledge especially over a cup of ice.

I wish we didn’t have to go back on the road but… We have to do what is needed due to all of this crud. I will write when/if I can. My future is pretty spotty as of right now.

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