Im Not Dead!!!

I’M ALIVE!!!!! Ha-ha.

Well, where to start? So much has happened in the last month in a half… I’m just now able to laugh at all the horrid hell. (starting but still livid!!)

For starters we are no longer living with those god awful people. R decided one day to turn into a tornado of bullshit. She decided to call the police on me to make me pack our things because I wanted to wait for Master. That’s right folks, I stood up to her and she called the cops! That isn’t even the icing on the cake! Get this, I dare you because to this day I sure don’t. She kicked us out because someone threw out her cup of ice right after we gave her $200 in rent for that week! Yeah blew our minds to especially since Master was coming home from work at the time.

So needless to say the next three weeks after that was rough. We had less then $60 in our pockets. But whatever its done and I firmly believe she will get every thing she deserves and oh so much more! Master had to find an immediate gig, so we are back in a truck only this time we don’t own it. Much more freedom and we pay for nothing. This company is so much better then the last one. We’re banking around $500-600 a week! Master is saying that this whole disaster was a good thing in disguise. To him this company is the silver lining. *shrugs*

(Master just snorted a fly!!! LMAO!!!!)

….Sadly, we had to hawk the computer due to the scarcity of funds. So all of this is brought to you via.. Our new phone! Its so pwetty and does soo much. Its a Blackberry pearl ^_^ Hopefully we will be in a place that sells good computers and the funds for one soon. Any suggestions? Master wants another HP. I don’t mind as long as its good and fast! I have no patience for electronics that are suppose to be FAST!

To my readers, I am in fact back and plan on staying. I foresee no complications except this lil keyboard! I’m still learning it.

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