Will nothing ever change?

Yesterday was somewhat touch and go. I was completely bored and had very little to do.
I tried to start a FetLife account but the silly thing wouldn’t let me.
I will probably have to start that when we get the computer…
Sadly that means a test to my limited supply of patience! The wait is worth it, right??

For the last month or so I’m sad to report that I haven’t been wearing my collar..
After so long of being disappointed in the fact that I wasn’t being used as a slave
should be, I gave it up. It hurt to do it but it had to be done to show Him that I was
serious this time. How many times have I written that He says he will change and
be more strict, yet it never happens? I wish I could say for sure that He will in fact do
it this time but alas I cannot.

I wish I could come to you all and say that I have finally gotten the Master I know
He can be, I wish I could tell you that He is punishing me now, but I can’t. I want to
Post on here all about what He did to me in his sadistic way. But will that day come?
Where you log on and see a happy detailed post of last nights escapades? I don’t know
I have always hoped for that outcome…

Now I’m not so sure that same hope still lingers in my heart or soul. I still call myself a
Slave even with the lack of servitude. Do I still have that right?? Or am I now just another fake?!

Do you have the answers I’m looking for? Because I sure don’t!

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