AC Went “Boom!”

The ac in the truck went out a couple of days ago. It was tollerable before because we were in the North East but now we are heading South! The farther into Alabama we get the hotter the weather gets and we are going to Texas. When either Master or myself get really hot we get cranky. One thing for sure is being cranky at the same time is a very bad thing! Our tempers get an even shorter fuse where the other is concerned. But so far all disasters have been averted, gives me hope for today and tomorrow. Once we are in Dallas at the yard there Master said it shouldn’t take them to long to fix it. Apperently what’s wrong with the ac is common in International trucks expecially the year we have.

A few weeks ago I emailed a friend (more of an aquantance) asking for advice since she has been a slave for a while, and she just now got back to me. I hate to say it but it did no good what so ever! All she did was tell me what I already knew then asked what level of control I wanted from my Master… I’m not sure what that has to do with focusing my inner thoughts and emotions so I can be a better slave. I have to know where she is going with that line of thought. Its like a weied movie or show on late at night, you don’t want to watch it but you have to know what the hells going on. At least that’s the way for me.

We were accepted for the po box! Now all we have to do is get back to Corpus Christi to fill out the paper work. Then were one step closser to getting my I.D and then toys, toys and more toys! Things are slowly falling into place wher there suppose to. Within the next two months we should have the funds to get the first computer and the MiFi from Verizon. I just have to hold on until then. Piece of cake!

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