Details people!

My morning routine has been disturbed! For months now I have been waking up to daily posts by Sephani, but now that she is in the UK with her Master (congrats to her) she isn’t posting as often. And she’s skimping on details!! *gripes*
Yes, I am purely being selfish about this because when Master and I were off their relationship helped me through. I lived vicariously through her experiences. I guess now that Master is being Himself again I don’t really need her blog. I’m actually living the life that I’ve wanted. Sadly my damn period is still here but afterwards I’m hoping we pick up right where we left off on the physical.

I cope so much better in my duties as a slave and dealing with my severe mood swings if I have a healthy dose of pain right before bed. I guess I need that constant reminder exactly who and what I am. If I am left to figure everything out on my own, I know I will fail! That is exactly what happened the last time around and I turned into a huge uncontrollable bitch. I HATED who and what I had become, but I know it is going to take a long time to erase all of that in order to mold me into what I SHOULD be. A devoted obedient slave with rebellious tendencies. *smiles*

I’ve started meditating again to try and calm my moods. It use to help when I was living with my mother and her mother. (yes my mother is a leach attached to my grandmothers hip) that house was full of tension and anger. This house isn’t as bad, by a long shot, but he knows how to push my buttons just so. Like just now. I cut my nails without asking (how stupid is that) and He gave me a hard time about it. And right now He’s being kind of annoying. So now would be a good time for meditating!

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