The defining moment

We got the truck back. Air conditioning is a commodity that is widely taken for granted. You don’t know heat if your in the Northern states. You come to Texas or Louisiana, your first step out side your drenched in sweat! Its like walking into a sona. So ac is very much needed.

The last two days have been very relaxing in the Hotel. The first day we just watched tv and relaxed. We had to wake up kind of early to check in on the truck, it wasn’t done but would of been done sometime that night. Master just said screw it and we stayed another night. He wanted to be up at seven but I think he woke up at eight, then woke me after his shower at nine. Which is A-Okay with me. I like my sleep probably a bit to much! (At least that’s what Master tells me)

We are back at the yard just hanging out in the drivers area until the storm passes. There was some ugly in it and Master gets kind of paranoid with weather. I don’t really blame him though, in this business it can get dicey.

I have been unbearably horny all day and Master is making it worse not better. He has decided orgasm deprivation and fondling is sooo much better then anything. Sweet torture! Oh how I crave it. (Yes, I’m cookey) I am really hoping he let’s me orgasm soon or I’m going to implode or spontaneously combust! I have been horny non-stop for the last 4 days because of my period. Isn’t it weird that we (maybe its just me) get horny on the last days of the period and can’t do squat about it!? Its completely frustrating. And boy does he know it!

Master just got a text from his lil girl (He calls her angel) saying how her grandmother on her mothers side is yelling at her over leaving her jacket at school. She’s 12 years old for craps sake! She’s gonna forget things no need to damage her self worth by calling her a dumb bitch! Master is needless to say livid and so am I. In the short year-and-a-half we have been together I have slowly started to fall in love with that little girl through his memories. Even though she isn’t mine, when things like this happen I get a bit maternal. I don’t know how to deal with that especially since she isn’t mine and she just lost her biological mom. I don’t want her to view my emotions as trying to replace her mom in any way. That is why I have been keeping those emotions private. All I can say is Master makes some beautiful babies! When I think about it or am bombarded by people with their kids it makes me want to have one with him and I’ve never been the kind of person to want to have kids. I know its not an option
right now and we have to focus on Angel and our relationship before it can even be brought up. Master and I have decided to really start making a conscience effort to save money so we can get a place and get her out of that hell hole. I have no idea where we will end up or when.

The first step to this plan is getting back to Corpus to get that po box straightened out. Then I have to light a fire under my moms ass to get her motivated to get my birth certificate so I can finally get my id/license. With out those two/three things every thing else is nearly impossible. You need an I’d for just about everything in this day and age!

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