Erotic Spankings

Last night we stopped in Tucson Arizona at a rather nice truck stop called the Triple T. It had a bunch of things in it that most truck stops don’t have. They had a Barber Shop, a Massage place and a Motel upstairs. Once Master say the “Summer Rate” of $25 He pretty much pounced on it. For the most part I was against the idea because we had been hemorrhage money all day. But my vote was over ruled, we went to the truck got our things then checked in. I got my revenge though. I turned on the tv and the movie about ping-pong was on and I happen to like it. (Don’t ask me why because I couldn’t tell ya!) I happened to know that Master HATES that movie. It was a win win for me. I got to watch the movie and cheer up after spending monies and watch Master cringe! Muahahaha!! *Coughs*

I was permitted to take my time in the shower to! I was walking on cloud nine at that time. Even though at first the idea of the hotel rubbed me the wrong way, I warmed up quickly at the sight of how BIG the shower was. It made shaving easier. Then add Master taking away my time restriction I couldn’t wait to get in and get the kinks out of my back and neck! But I was at a de lima.. I just got done eating and was getting sleepy, I knew if I took a long shower I would all but pass out when I got out and I really wanted Master to spank me or give me some kind of pain some how. What’s a slave to do? Shower or beg for pain?! I’m so lucky my Master can read me so well sometimes. He made my decision for me. I was told to go shower, get super smooth and then come out of the shower wet.. Now in my head that sent red flags a flyin in every direction. I didn’t want Him to have time to change His mind if in fact He was going to give me pleasurable pain. So I kind of rushed my shower the best I could and still get smooth.
When I came out of the shower Master led me to the bed and bent me over and gave me exactly what I had been begging for. He started out slow and soft-ish then progressing to a harder faster spanking. My mind went to the right place for this and soon my crys of pain turned to moans of pleasure. I was so far gone that at the time Master would of stopped I begged Him to keep going! I’m usually glad when He wants to stop. I’ve only been this blissed out or what some call in sub-space twice, last night included. I want to feel that intensity again. Don’t get me wrong, I have felt intense pain at Masters hand and belt but most of it doesn’t bring such pleasure that if He would of continued I would of surely came.

This morning when I woke up I was the proud owner of a bruised behind!! Master has had a horrible time putting marks on my body. Its not for lack of trying that’s for sure! My body just doesn’t mark easy so when I woke up I was extremely happy to see bruises!

I gotta say I’m not liking Arizona at all. There’s no green or vegetation, unless you count the cacti. Which I don’t. Whatever happened to big trees, flowers and grass?! Instead they have dirt, rock and cacti. Definitely not my kind of state. Soon we will be in California and hopefully the landscape will change. Maybe show some signs of life! One can only hope…

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    • I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed my topics.

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