Mundane Duties

Today is laundry day!! I knew as soon as I awoke I couldn’t put it off any longer. I really despise laundry day so much that I will procrastinate as long as slavely possible… So until Master says to get it done while we have the time and facilities available.

The one thing about being a slave that I could live without is all the mundane duties like making the bed and doing laundry. In a perfect world the bed would make itself, the laundry would replace itself then throw itself out and the doggy poo would combust in a cleansing fire! But alas none of that happens and to be honest if my dogs poo caught on fire I would think long and hard on getting another doggie! One thing I am happy about is my Master is extremely helpful most of the time. I could not be happier about that..

But if you really think about it, if Master had to do everything what would he need a slave for? In a way the mundane duties or chores are just as important if not more important then everything else. Anyone can be obedient if they are getting what they want out of the exchange like spanking or constant pain. But how many would continue to do so when those slow down to a crawl? Not many. I’m ashamed to say that I myself was one of those kind of sub missives. If I got what I wanted I would cooperate and be a good obedient slave for Master. But as soon as things went down hill my attitude and way of doing things went with it. I failed my part of things just as much as Master. Who would want to control a little bitch?! I honestly thought that that was the way to get what I wanted and boy was I wrong! Yes I admit it.. I have learned the folly of my ways.. Since things have become so much better I’ve realized many things..

For one, I have been to dependent on how others live this lifestyle that I forgot to live it myself. I was more concerned about comparing my life with theirs and their Masters to mine I forgot to keep in mind that I am still relatively new to all of this and they were doing this for a lot longer then myself.. My mind isn’t where theirs is and my pain tolerance level isn’t as developed either. I’m still learning my likes and dislikes, heck even my limits. I just have to take this one day at a time and not compare.

Also that I didn’t loose my longing to submit and the passion to please, it was just pushed down into the recesses of my mind and heart! I was so worried about that. I had thought it was no longer apart of my fundamental makeup. Boy was I wrong! As soon as Master started to control me more fully it instantly clicked on. That’s not to say I don’t have problems with open rebellion because I do, its just easier to stop before I speak or act…. Most of the time lol!

Laundrys almost done and Master is getting kinda impatient so… Buh-bye!!

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