His by association?

In a S/m relationship online I have found that the submissives are quick to explain things simply with, “Because He is Master and I am slave…” thinking that excuses any wrong doing their “Dom” does. Its like a sub-culture of the real thing in the real world. Now before you get your panties in a knot, I’m not saying online submission isn’t “real”. What I’m saying is its a heck of a lot easier to submit to the idea of your online Dom then to do it in person. Online Doms can do anything under the protection of their station but meanwhile out in the real world Dominates have to take responsibility for their actions because of the pesky thing called The Law. Online you’ve got people playing the game and sometimes the game gets warped to where bratty “slaves” (more like people liking the implications of the word without truly knowing what that means) run the household, manipulating their Owner. Then there’s the extremists that go the other way. Where she has been taught all she is an object for his
gratification to the point she gives him her passwords just because she was taught that because he ownes her every thing she owns is then his. Some girls even go so far as to send their “Owner” cash. What I don’t get, is if they truly wanted to be owned why not find a Dominate in the real world with experience and a general know-how about how a S/m relationship works? I get taking a few hours after work on a chat site to just unwind and have a wee taste of what it would be like. After all that’s how I met Master. The difference was I never gave out my password or any kind of cash. Plus after about two months I knew I wanted it to progress past online and into the real world so I could fully submit to the Man and Dominate.

I’ve said all of this because I have recently been faced by a situation that those girls would pass over with a flick of their hands and say, “He owns you so by extension your things…” I don’t think they know just how little that statement rings truth for me. Yes, my Master owns me. But when He goes onto my facebook account and looks at my messages that I thought were private conversations it feels like I have been violated. I have nothing to hide from Him if that’s what your thinking. I just feel that just because He owns me doesn’t give Him a right to push Himself into my conversations with my old friends. I give Him the privacy He needs when He talks to people, why am I not afforded the same courtesy? Or am I wrong in all of this and He does in fact have the right to check my messages? Should I be ok with this violation of privacy solely because I’m a slave; Not just a slave but His slave?

Here’s the catch though.. If he ASKED to see them or ordered to see them it somehow wouldn’t seem so bad. But He just did it. The only reason I know about it is because He forgets that if He doesn’t close out of the innernets it will be there as soon as you open the phone. And it will be on whatever you looked at last. So if He knew the phone better I wouldn’t of even known. (FYI: my Master isn’t very good with modern technology. He never has been good with it, but He’s getting better) He didn’t deny it just said He was curious when I asked Him. I knew He wouldn’t deny it. He might of been snooping but He will always be honest about it, you just have to ask the right questions.

What do you all think? Is Master in the right because He owns me and therefore my things? And should I just accept this? Because I’m not so sure I can, even if I am His property.

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