Dark Desires

I have so many images, dark fantasies or desires inside my head. I see how things would go if I had any control over situations and also what could of been. But I am not in control of such things He is…

After doing something wrong I picture him striping me down quickly, forcing me onto my knees while He chokes the life breath from my throat and lungs until both scream for a release of pressure. He steps on my back until my head is crammed into the ground with my bare butt in the air! Unable to move until He says to, unable to speak or look around. Forced to sit there thinking on what I did wrong while He is in complete control of Himself.. Anything among those lines fascinate me to no end. How I long for His firm grip once again putting pressure on my neck. Or when He takes great pains in positioning the clothes pins just so on/around my nipples to cause the maximum amount of pain possible. All the while His slowness kills me more then the pain itself… (in situations like this I have no patience what-so-ever!) Hell, even the feal of His hand/belt across my bare flesh while I am bent over the bed, exposed to him! But above anything else I desire bruises, marks and welts that last longer then a couple of days. I long for the dark purple almost black splotches to mark along my butt, breasts and inner thighs among many other places. I crave the mental fog/haze that would require to create such artful marks. The feeling of being completely at the mercy of another person. But not just any person, no; The one you love most. The Man that completes you and allows you to soar. Trusting Him to know when to be harsh and when to be kind. To know when to stop and to keep going. I desire more than anything to feel that not only does He have my body in His hands but in some cases my very life.

I crave to give Him everything I am ten times over in the throws of passion, pain, lust, sweat, tears and pleasure. I wish to fuel His unending control and Sadistic side with my submission and willing spirit, mental stability and giving body.

If only I could find a way to bring my wants, cravings and dark desires to life!

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