Right now i want nothing more than to be left alone. i don’t want to be anywhere near here right now but here is where i’m stuck. We just got into a fight about something stupid; that’s my fault as per usual. (At least its nice? to know that wont ever change) i’m always to blame but i digress. It stopped by me mentioning that i shat myself because of His insistent nagging. He should have just done the paperwork, let me scrunch and go. My guess, was because it was my idea to do that He had none of it. After all “No one tells ME what to do..” or so He says…

The whole week has been shit. Half the time I don’t know why I bother trying to not let things ruin my whole day when He doesn’t keep His end of the deal. Apparently when He storms off after stating He is getting the next load taken off, i should be scared or something. OOPS!!! I stopped caring about this dumb job a long time ago. i know He wont do it. He’s chasing the $ again. Nothing would stop Him. He shouldn’t give idle threats. It’s like Him saying “Do This or I’ll punish you!!”. We both know that wont ever happen. Just a waste of time and air.

Seems there is a lot of wasted efforts floating around! But that probably wont ever change. I’m going to bed before He gets back so I don’t have to speak to Him!

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