Everything but the kitchen sink

The last two weeks have been hell! All we have been doing are those Wal-Mart blitz loads. From Dallas to Houston and back. We had one that went to Mississippi then back to Dallas we came. Really easy money, sure but man is it boring. The only reason it’s so great is their guaranteed 545 miles a day. You do that all week and it adds up. Just this week we’ve done over 3,000 miles. Crazy huh!

Sadly that bit of I-45 is an internet wasteland. I can’t post a damn thing until the computer shows. It’s ok though. Writing in my paper journal until then works just as well. It stinks due to horrid timing though. My blog was just getting some good number of views per day. I’m sure I will get them back though.. Maybe even plus some! *Muahahaha*

As it turns out the new tag  for my collar was the culprit that caused my rash. If it was the new pillow/case it would have got worse over the last two days of sleeping on it. Master and I are going to have to find a better tag for that purpose. I was really excited about getting the first tag out of the three we want. We’ll get one I’m sure. I just don’t know where since I can’t do cheap metals. Silly me, I should have thought of that before the rash! OOPS 🙂

Master got a new outfit and coat. All of it is going to look good on Him. I’m slowly steering Him away from just jeans. And adding a bit of color. I’m really glad He got something for Him this time. I hate being the only one getting things. I’ve always been that way. We also got 3 CD’s. We are slowly building our CD collection. Very slowly! *Laughs*

My curse should be over just in time to get the Motel in Corpus. We will be able to play after all. I was really worried about that. I’m in such a mood to take what I can get. I wish it was over now! I cotta find a way to do ouchies while the curse is still in town. But how I’m not sure. But I will find a way!

We just got back from IHop a little while ago. It was really good. Masters dinner/breakfast looked really gross. But I didn’t have to eat it so I’m happy.

Seriously though, at this exact moment I am blissful. Even though I haven’t had ouchies for a while I can feel where I’m suppose to be. Even if it’s just a little fainter.

So with that feeling I’m going to beddy-by land!

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