Rewarded for a good job

Our 34hr restart is over and we have another load going to Houston. Right now we are working our way south so we can be on our home time Sunday to relax. Plus so He can watch nascar… I know its important so I wont bitch.. much! Apparently, this last race is really important and will decide the champion. I’m just glad it will be over soon.

Yesterday Master got a pair of really nice boots. Real leather with a rubber non-slip soul. They should last a good long while. When we got back to the yard I sealed and polished them. That was kind of fun, I guess I have a nack for it. He was very pleased. *Beams* They look super good on Him to. Doing the polishing for Him made me feel more like a slave than any other chore could possibly do. It made me think about things while my hands were busy. That’s a very good thing for me.

I was rewarded with some breast spanking for my job well done! It was out of the blue in the sense I didn’t think it would happen much less like that. I was standing there topless waiting to get into bed when He started to tweak and fondle them. Those led to pinches and slaps! Big ouchies.. He slapped them so hard my body kept trying to buckle in on itself. He wouldn’t let me though so my knee decided to come up after every painful slap. (which was every single one!) I had a really hard time holding still. He might have to tie me down next time. I am sporting two really nice bruises on the sides of my breasts. šŸ™‚ I was really happy to finally see bruises on my body that He put there… Not the random accidental ones you wake up with!


Today has been a really good day. We are hopefully done with Wal-mart blitz loads. Right now we are working our way home with one that delivers to a store.

Master and I had a couple of great talks while He was driving. We also talked about His past by a lake next to a rest area. I had a few questions and it seemed like the right time to ask. He is very “ask the right questions and you’ll get the right answer” kind of guy about the subject of His past. (I wont mention details about past, present or future talks about His past…EVER) Then we talked about us and the life we led. I asked a couple of questions (as always curious me does) about His version of a perfect scene.. Lets just say it involves double-headed dildos, a cat o’nine tails whip, gag, blindfold and a bucket-o-water! Let your imagination soar, I know mine did. šŸ™‚

Right now we are parked, fed and happily relaxing. Master is reading an excellent book called The chamber of Ten. It was a great book, I finished it in less than ten hours! I’m still reading The lord of the ring trilogy. I’m on book two still. I’m not exactly loving them. But I will see how they end. I’m obligated to.

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