Surrender Day:1

At her place in the center of the bed the girl had a perfect view to the door of the blank room. When she came to the first thing she realized was all her clothes were missing. There’s a blank void in her memory where all of this started… With her abduction.

The room is a simple square concrete structure painted a bland white from floor to ceiling, except for a metal grate in the middle of the slopping floor. The bad was a large metal frame but no covers or sheets, placed right in front of the door where she was now perched.

The only thing scary about the room itself were all the hooks in the wall, floor and ceiling. She couldn’t figure out what those could possibly be for. “I’m sure I will know eventually.” she said in a mumble not knowing she was forever being watched by the One who made the room.

With a start the girl hears what resembles like a rusty wheel squeaking down the hall and getting louder as it draws near. The thud of her over active heart in her ears seems deafening. She leaps down from the bed and cowers in the corner like a beaten pup. The jingle of keys alerts the girl of His presence before the dead bolts and locks click open.

On silent hinges he opens the door closing it as soon as he passes through. With sure footing and the knowledge where his captive is, he walks over and grabs the whimpering thing by her hair and drags her back to the bed post. With the swiftness that comes with practice he ties her hands firmly around the post so her firm tits are pressed to the cold metal. With a kick of his foot he sends her legs out and a simple scream rips from her lush lips. As swiftly as he did her hands he ties her ankles to the frame with barely any slack in the rope for her to wiggle. A few jerks of the knots and a slap to her perfectly plump ass and he departs for a short time.

A sigh escapes her lips as her body sags against the pole once she knows He is gone for sure. A hiss of breath is the only indication that her bonds dug into her wrists. He tied them so well that she had to stand a certain way or they would dig into her flesh, by design. Her mind reels at what just happened. The only violation done to her was a smack on her bottom. The adrenalin rush courses through her veins. Her senses are acutely heightened. She hears the once quiet hinges perfectly as He returns. Only this time the cart with the grating wheels is dragged behind Him covered by a white cloth. He positions it along the foot of the bed to her right. The girls knees go lax as He approaches the door. Her mind playing tricks on her thinks He’s leaving. With a decisive shove of the door the girls fate is sealed…

Turning towards the naked girl, he reaches into his jean pocket as he walks towards her. The white surgical gloves are methodically put on one hand at a time very slowly to insure her mind has time to think about it all. He didn’t have time to get to know her as well as the others so there’s no knowing what she could have. Stepping to the cart he removes the cover in a swirl of fabric relishing in the poor girls screams. “You might as well stop screaming. No one will hear you. At least none that would dare to save you!”

With a sore throat and wide eyes she looks on in horror at the contents of the car. There are metal objects, leather whips, masks and various other things she didn’t even know existed let alone their names. “What do you want from me?!” her voice isn’t nearly as strong as she wished.

grabbing the gag in his hand he once again looks at her. “You’ll know soon enough. If you’re a good girl today you can get some water when we’re finished.” without waiting for her response he grabs her by the jaw and forces the ball into her mouth and clasps it firmly on. Making sure she couldn’t spit it out with his fingers. Eying the scared morsel in front of him, he decides his plan of action. He grabs an ass-less leather harness and maneuvers it onto her body then grabs the Hitachi and places it right on the bud of her delicate clit and straps it onto the harness. A muffled cry comes to his ears.

Clear hard eyes look up at her in question. He goes back to His tasks and she feels the device push on her clit. Her mind registers at once what she thinks he wants from her. If only she knew..

With a flick of a remote switch the device buzzes to life causing a million sensations coursing through her. A cry of fear and humiliation signals her first forced orgasm. His thumb pushes the switch off. Tears fall from her eyes. Silent sobs erupt from her chest causing her breasts to quiver around the cold metal. Once again the sound of the buzzing Hitachi roars to life causing her hips to involuntarily buck forward. Another orgasm ripped from her body and more sobs accompanied it. The buzzing dies off and the device is still as her body sags. Ropes dig into yielding flesh. Her mind a flood of new feelings and concerns.

Placing the remote on the car he grabs the leather riding crop, testing the end on his gloved palm. Once satisfied it was oiled well by the others he stands behind the sniveling girl. Raising the weapon, expertly he lands a stinging blow to her upper back. She jerks from the instant contrast from pleasure to pain. Before she had enough time to process the change, another blow was landed on the other side of her back creating a red X. Without pause he lands one after another, each one harder and more painful for her than the last. Her back was becoming marked with red X’s all over. Her body wiggled and tried to escape each blow causing her bonds to dig in and chaff her wrists and ankles. Spit dripped from her mouth onto her tits and slowly running down further. Taking a step back he looked her over taking a break from pain. Replacing the crop to its place he picked up the remote and turned it on.

“Now for a lesson in protocol.” He said as his thumb turned up the vibration level forcing two back to back orgasms. “Tomorrow when I return you will address me as Sir or nothing at all.” Her orgasms started to roll from her. A moan slipped through her lips as her body turned to jelly. The fight beaten from her. He continued over her noises. “If you fail to do so you will be punished swiftly.. For now we are done.”

He turned off the device, taking it and the harness from her body. Placing everything on the cart he grabbed the cloth and takes the cart from the room returning with a bottle of water. Placing the bottle on the bed he removes her bonds and puts her limp body next to it. He gently removes the gag and smooths out her sweaty hair. “You were a very good girl today. As promised an unsealed water. Sleep well my girl.”

With that he departs locking the door and turning the camera on once again…

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