Scatter Brained

Today has been somewhat of a mess. We delivered yesterday here in Laredo with the understanding we would go down to Corpus Christi this morning. For some reason our DM decided not to allow Master to bob-tail (take just the tractor) there for our home time. We were going to ship out angels Christmas pressies and get a Hotel for the night. I also needed to check the po box for my official I.D card. (right now all I have is the temporary paper) Instead of doing all that we were stuck here at the terminal. We had to wait until after 2:00pm before we got a load.

The load goes to Michigan to some town I can’t spell let alone pronounce! I guess for trucking right now is the slow season. The load doesn’t deliver until Monday. Only now the phantom night crew is flipping out because Masters still going to Corpus! What did they expect? He told everyone on day shift what He’s doing. So now they’re threatening to take the load off of us. Needless to say He’s pissed. It took Him all day to get that load and now there going to take it?! Night crew usually does the bare minimum just enough to skate through. Only now they decide to be ambitious? Bra-Freaking-Vo! >.<

I just finished reading the first 3 books in the Inheritance cycle.. (eragon books) They were really great! I can’t wait for the last and final book to come out. I couldn’t put them down. They were everything a reader (like moi) could hope for in a series. They began where the last one ended, leaving no gaps for you to figure out what went down. Right now Master is reading the first one. So far so good. I hope He really enjoys them.

His boots are done, my little self-esteem is crashing so it must be bedtime!

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