Unintentional Mistakes

I asked why He had the window down.. Innocent enough right? I didn’t know if He was going to smoke or if it was because of backing up. Sometimes it’s both. If He said for smoking I was going to ask if He needed a filter. We just got them so sometimes He forgets, ya know? I just wanted to be helpful. I guess my tone wasn’t to His liking (even though I was working on it all day) and I got reprimanded with a good ole’ fashion “Don’t talk to me like that!” deal. If you would have seen the look on His face, you would have though Him yelling. He did His hand gesture that He does when He’s angry too. Sure, He didn’t raise His voice too much so technically I wasn’t yelled at but it still felt the same. Before doing something stupid in defense I ran outside and started to cry… Like now!

I just wanted to be helpful. The filters are designed to cut down on the tar that goes into His lungs. And like I said He forgets since its new. My job is to remind Him… But He didn’t answer. Instead He got angry on how I asked… Or maybe it’s because I asked in the first place. I have been asking a lot of questions, maybe I started to annoy Him so He snapped. I will be more careful next time. I don’t want to fail again! 😦

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