Things have been crazy. The stress has been churning in my stomach. For the last two weeks my life has been turned upside down. Why? Because of outside interference. One minute Master and I are going about our lives as per usual. Then BAM! his ex-Mother-in-law threw a grenade at us. So we cleaned up the mess, found a place and were ready for angel to move in asap. Then she throws another one by retracting things and has decided to fight Him. I don’t think she figured we would take her so quickly so she’s back tracking. It’s so messed up. Now who knows when or what’s going to happen. She’s upset (angel) and we’re upset. But there’s not much we can do now…

… Because we have to go to court so a judge can see we have a place and job…

… All of this isn’t very conducive to play time or ouchies. Even if its needed to calm my nerves. I understand why it’s not possible, but I just hope He reverts back to Master soon.

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