Surrender: Day 2

From his desk he had the advantage of seeing everything and everyone scurrying along his home. The subtle glow of each monitor creating a haunted air on his features and surroundings. The ice in his half empty glass clinking to the bottom is the only sound heard. His attention reverts back to the center monitor that’s slightly larger then the rest. Two clicks of the keyboard and the small chamber appears with its inhabitabts sitting cross legged on the bed. A tray of finger food in front of her steadily devoured. After a couple of minutes of study he clicks the kitchen camera to view and speaks into the microphone attached to the pa system.

The cook for that month was busy at the stove preparing lunch for the compound when the mini monitor and speaker/pa system turned on. As she turned to grab the already diced carrots for the soup her masters booming voice startles her. With a clang the ladle slips from her grip. “Caroline, why hasn’t anyone removed the tray from sevens room yet? Did I startle you?” his voice sounded smug at catching her unawares.

“Oh, Master! You gave my poor heart such a start you did.” her hand flew to her hammering heart for emphasis. “Seven hasn’t had that tray for but five minutes- ten tops! If you think that’s enough time to eat, I will send Tanya to fetch it Master.”

Looking at the monitors he notices his russain beauty just sitting in the library reading, he informs Caroline where to find her. “Do this immediately. I love pestering Tanya. I have plans for seven, but I cant do them while she’s eating, can I?” his look and manner showing but a glimpse of the deviant man they all knew so intimately.

“Yes Master, I will go to the library immediately.”

“Good girl.”

Meanwhile in the seventh chamber the naked captive is oblivious of the conversations and activities taking place around her. Her mind is so tangled she barely notices what she’s eating. The juicy taste of watermelon pieces barely registers as just fruit. The sound of the locks clicking open barely makes a dent into her pondering until female hands as pale as alabaster pearls comes into view at the same time the smell of jasmine and ocean spray assaults her senses. She looks up in time to see the mysterious woman slip through the door with her unfinished tray of food. Her eyes were wide with wonder, she sits there for what could of been five minutes or an hour. She could never tell the time in the room. Once the sent of the woman vanished all she could think was that so pure a beauty couldn’t really exist in her personal hell.

The next person to visit however fit perfectly in her mini hell, after all He created it. Ever since the made up woman visited her, she sat exactly the way He found her. Hunched over where her tray was with a look that signified her in deep thought. The same squeking cart is dragged as He closes himself in with her. With a voice mustered from the pits of her courage she asks, “What do you want from me this time? You took every ounce of self worth I had last time…”

He faces her looking her over intently from head to the tip of her toes. A blush creeps to her delicate features hightening his pleasure in her looks. “A few changes by the end of her first session of training and her looks will be perfect…” he thought to himself with satisfaction. “That’s debatable. You will gain all your views of yourself back eventually. As I said before, you will find out soon enough. A little tip, remember to call me Sir!” as he spoke he put the surgical gloves from a pocket on and walked to the cart. Grabbing the arm binders he walks to her. “Are you going to be a good girl and cooperate today?”

Looking up at Him her rebellious side flares up but she quenches it. The sooner she accepts the sooner this would all be over. She nods an affirmative.

With a roughness he is known for, he grabs her by the arm and hoists her to her feet. He positions her arms behind her. “Hold still.” he commands as he fits the binders on her. Once satisfied they fit he began to lace them as tight as her arms would allow. Towing her along he walks to the cart and produces a leather hood with holes for her mouth and eyes.

The girl lets out a whimper of fear as she sees what He grabs. So many thoughts running through her head, the least expected was curiosity. Not in what He wanted but what He was planning for her this time and that in and of itself scared the crap out of her!

“Shake your hair back behind you.” he demanded in front of her. She did as was instructed and her raven tresses cascaded down her back and secure arms. Lowering the hood onto her head he adjusts it so she can see and breath. The feel of snug leather on her felt strangly comforting. Resisting the urge to smile she watches him. His next object of attention was a metal bar with shackles on each end. He positions her over two hooks in the floor about 3 feet apart and clicks the bar into place. “So that’s what the hooks are for.” she thought.

His gloved hands grab her ankle and slides it into the shackle, from his pocket he reveals twin padlocks. One goes onto the shackle that her ankle is in successfully securing it in place. With an experimental tug she tries to lift her foot out, with a huff she gives up that idea. Her other ankle is secured in the same fashion. Standing in front of his captive he looks her over with a glint of lust in his eyes as his cock hardens in the confines of his jeans. In her vulnerability she was more beautiful than she realized.

He loos into her eyes with so much fire and force, if it weren’t for the spreader bar she would have staggered back with such intensity laid bare. Her breath catches in her throat as she watches Him. For the first time she though Him somewhat attractive in a rigid or brutish kind of way. His eyes though, she vowed to herself she would never get tired of those eyes… A cry of alarm escapes her at His boldness this time. She could feel His hands caressing her breasts and tweaking her nipples to hard peaks! The friction of His gloved fingers caused wetness to pool between her legs. Her eyes widened as His hand trailed down her stomach slowly, toying with her. Still lower they traveled until He was teasing her clit. So much better this was to the Hitachi! His fingers knew just what to do and before long she was moaning as an orgasm wracked her body.

His cock throbbed painfully at her obvious thrill to him. Her whimpers and moans music to his ears. Unable to stop himself, his finger slipped into her slick cunt. His sudden invasion and the wakes of the first orgasm causes another more powerful one. Her juices coat his finger all but inviting more. Another finger slips easily in. Her body is covered with a fine sheen of sweat, heart racing and breath coming out in pants…

He grabs her tit with his free hand forcefully. Tongue darts out to lick at the pink bud, sucking it into his mouth. Fingers moving in and out of her cunt at a quickening speed. Her body starts to tremble as orgasm number three is torn from her. A loud moan reaches his ears. Removing his fingers, he slaps her wet tit with his juice covered hand. A red print is instantly seen with satisfaction.

Withdrawing from her he goes to the cart grabbing up a cloth bag full of clothes pins properly stretched for one new to them. He starts with her right tit and starts to place them around her nipple. Her crys of pain more intising than those of pleasure. The left tit decorated the same as the right. Tears leap to her eyes as he stands back to admire. Walking behind her he pushes her over. Her ass bare to him, legs spread to reveal her wet cunt. He starts to finger her from behind, one finger then another stretching her. His fingers punishing in speed and force. The orgasms roll from her…

Once she was soaked enough he let loose his throbbing cock and positioned himself behind her. His fingers are removed… His cock slams into her with so much force she had to grip her hips to steady her. Her gasps mingled with a severe cry of pleasure. Her cunt muscles stretch to allow his invasion as he starts to thrust behind her so fast she looses count of orgasms. Cunt muscles squeeze his cock at every release. Her clothes pinned breasts bouncing causing the sting of pain to mingle with the strokes of pleasure. Unable to stop herself her voice breaks on another orgasm,” Please… please… Oh, god… Please Sir! Oh yes!!”

As the word sir slips from her lips the pleasure of hearing them topples him over the edge. Pulling out of her tight abused cunt he spills his seed over her ass. A growl rips from him as pleasure courses through his blood…..

His voice triumphant he states, “You are mine now! You no longer have  a name until you prove you deserve one. You are known as seven from here on!”

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