Surrender: Day 6

Her nipples throbbed like crazy. Every time she would move and her breasts would jiggle a sharp pain would course through her. The only reprieve was when she got to clean them. The cold liquid Sir brought her in the morning felt devine! When He came that morning He told her after lunch, He would take her to get another marking. She didn’t know how much more she could take of His markings. The leather collar felt acward and made her blush when she thought of the words. Plus the constant heat radiating from her nipples made her brutally aware of exactly what she was. With every mark it was becoming clear it was perminate. Her only hope was one day she could get a better room or even go outside! If she could feel the sun on her skin and the grass under foot with Sir, the whole perminate thing wouldn’t be at all bad. Maybe even quite enjoyable.

Her nerves kicked into high gear when her food was delivered. A ham and cheese sandwich, apple slices and tea today. She was revved up to do anything but nibble on apple slices. She knew now it was only a matter of time until He came for her. She was torn between dread and excitement. No matter what He did to her, she always looked foreward to His next visit. Did she want this visit over with or drawn out? Deffinately over with, she thought as she sipped her tea.

The locks clicked open a moment before the door opened. He strode in looking her over. The straw was still in her mouth as she gulped down a mouthfull of tea. Her nipples were hard swollen nubs. A nervous smile lit up her features, his cock twitched in response. THe mind game was already at play. “Finished?” he motioned to her barely touched food. Her eyes sparkled as she nodded. “Good, come here then.”

Setting her tea down she padded over to Him. Wincing at the sway of her breasts, she stops in front of Him and looks up to meet His eyes. He was so tall! It intimidated her sometimes. The top of her head barely reached His shoulders. He lifts a strange looking gag at her. She obeys the silent comand and opens her mouth wide. THe ball fits into her mouth better than the other gag; leather wraps around her mouth and chin, touching the top of her collar. He secures it in the back with a buckle then snaps on a Y shapped piece that goes over her head and around her nose. It feels strange on her nose, vaugly distracting.

There’s no cuffs this time but the blindfold is secured with a huff from seven. How she longed to see where He leads her! His hand waves in front of her eyes before He tows her across the hall and into the room across from her own room. Under a single spotlight sat a reclining chair with sterrups the ob/gyn uses. Attached to it was a very intimidating fucking machine. A blue dildo already connected to it. On a stand next to it was an electric wand-like cattle praud but smaller, a leather crop and leather restraints. This was by far His favorite room.

Lifting her into his arms he walks to the chair. Sitting her down he walks around her securing her arms to the bar above her head. Her feet he puts into the sturrups, legs secured to the chair so she cant move them on her own. He stands behind the device between her legs. Her lips are swollen and slick with her juices, all but begging for his abuse. He slipps a finger into her fuck hole teasing her. Her muscles clench around the invading finger greedily. With drawing, he positions the head of the dildo between her slick folds at the entrance of her cunt.

A flick of a switch and the dildo comes to life. Thrusting in and out of her at one punishing speed. Her body grows taunt with built up pleasure. She crys out around the gag unable to voice her pleasure. The electric wand zapps her flesh above her sensitive mound. The pain an instant snap over riding the pleausre of being ruthlessly fucked for a second. Both sensations vie for her attention. A power struggle that makes her cum over and over with no reprieve in sight. Body slick with sweat, heart racing, her breath coming out is ragged pants. Her inner thighs saturated with her juices. A puddle forms under her ass.

With one last zap, this time on her clit, he shuts off the machine and puts the wand away. With a coold wash cloth he cleans up her juices. Once clean he moves the machine and opens the door. One of the men from yesterday enters surveying the scene before him. He drags in a stand of his own and a small stool in with him. Positioning himself between sevens legs the Man inspects her folds. WIth a sharpi he marks her out labia three times on each lip.

An ok from his employer be begins piercing. Sevens body jerks at the intense stabing pain as each mark is pierced than a silver ring is perminately put in each hole like her nipples. The hoops are placed evenly along her outer lips six in all. Tears coat the blind fold as a new sterile needle pierces her clit hood. A muffled scream echos around the room. A silver barbell is put in place. A disinfectant is smeared along all the piercings. Finished he leaves His employer and his slut.

Her Sir removes the blindfold and gag. She looks up at Him with tears in her eyes. So that was His mark. Yup, Deffinately worse than her nipples. Her whole body throbbed from the ordeal. Exhausted she succumbs to sleep. Dreams of sunshine and Sir dance before her eyes…

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