Surrender: Day 7 (final edition)

Todays the day, he thought to himself on his way to her chamber. All his hard work and persistance paid in full. The last day of training was always very invigorating for him. No one truly understood what he does the first week. The total transformation from, metaphorically, a block of clay to the masterpiece they all become. It fed his inner desires. Watching them break apart into thousands of pieces, to be put together the way He wanthed them. Grovelling before him begging to be used.

Today her transformation ends.

Careful not to jostle her piercings to much, seven crosses her legs on the bed. Unable to sit still she gets back up to pace. The insufferable boredom would be the death of her! Why didn’t He put a book in with her to ease the mind numbing boredom? He probably thought it would distract her. If she only knew how close to the truth she really was. Everything had its purpose, even the lack of activities.

Unlocking the door to her chamber the last time, he opens her door smiling at what he finds. Apon his enterance she had dropped to her knees with her legs open. Her pussy lips gleaming with a light sheen of wetness around her piercings. Her excited smile a wonderous sight by itself. Add the utter devotion in her actions and he was swelling with pride. This was why he had picked her!

Unable to conseal her wince fully, she wiggles a little to lesson the throb. How was He suppose to use her when all her bits were so sore? A horrible thought occurs to her but she pushes it back and out of her head. She watches Him move over to her bed and sit down. He becons her over and she obeys willingly. She loved being close to Him. His callused hand caresses her cheek. Dread fills up inside her when he says, “I think a spanking is in order. It looks like you need one.” With no further warning He dragged her across His knees pinning her wrists behind her back with one of His hands.

His free hand landed on her firm ass. The whimper accompanying each smack music to His ears. Shortly after His starting her ass was a nice shade of red and hot to the touch. Satisfied she would bruise nicely, he rubs up her spine.

Looking at his watch he states with a pat to her ass, “Time to go. Up!” A whimper is her only protest at his leaving. Holding the door open he calls to her. “Well, come on we haven’t got all day.” A squeel of joy escapes her as she follows him out the door… Unblindfolded!

He leads her to the first room other than her she visited. THis time she noticed it resembled a tattoo studio. With wide eyes she looks around for anyone else. Happily its just the two of them. Sitting down on a stool he motions for her to lie down on the table. “On your back.” he commands. The crinkling sound of the paper is the only noise in the room. When she stops fidgiting she looks at him, waiting. “Before I continue I have to explain a few things. After this, you will address me as Master. You will have a few days grace period to adapt. Understand?”

“Yes Sir, I understand.” her curiosity peaks to uncontrolable levels.

“This tattoo is the last and final mark you will recieve. It signifies what was and what will be. Your past and future. No one else has the same marks/tattoo. Do you understand the gravity of the situation?” his features firm demanding a no-nonsense answer.

“Yes Sir!”

“Good girl!” With that he shaves an area three inches wide, two inches tall on her right hip. The drone of the tattoo gun roars to life as he begins the tattoo himself. After an hour of nonstop creation he cleans the excess inch off her flesh admiring his work. “Go look.”

With trepidation she stands in front of the mirror. What she sees startles her. The roman numeral Seven is in bold print with the BD/SM symbol in the background. It was fitting in so many ways. Standing behind her He wraps His arms around her. She leans against Him and says, “Its perfect Master, thank you!”

“Your welcome slut. You are officially home, your intense training complete.” With that he kisses her shoulder looking at his finished creation in the mirror.

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