Cursive and collars

I absolutely love the cursive script. Its so elegant and feminine. If done properly. If I was better at it I would write as much as possible whenever possible. But as you can see (on the right) I am a bad cursive writer. (Sorry about the quality of the picture, the camera on the phone kind of sucks!)

As I was sitting here looking at my blank sheet of paper, I thought of the saying in the photo. For those who cant read it, it says:

“The beauty of writing is in the hand of the one holding the pen.” – Aurora Dawn

I don’t know where that came from. But its no less true. When I write it just flows from my head to my pen. I don’t consiously decide on a topic. There’s no filter either. What’s on paper (or computer lol) is me in every sense of the word. Unbiased or judgemental, purely me and what I’m thinking at the time.

I’ve had my fair share of complaints from various people including Master. The difference between them and Him is the fact that He gets the process I go through while writing. He understands that I write for myself. (Selfish huh?) It allows me to review the days events and process them. Especially if I’ve been hurt or stressed. Its my way of coping.

And when we’re apart, He can still know exactly how I feel at any given day by hopping onto my blog! It will be another form of communication for us.

I showed Master what an Eternity Collar looks like. We’ve been trying to find a more purminat one that I can wear 24/7 even to work. At first He shied away from them because its metal and He’s a leather kind of guy. But after seeing one He’s more open. I like them because they’re perminat When He leaves He would take the key with Him. Plus I have a nasty habit of taking my collar off when He’s being horrible. Above and beyond Jerk-dom! (Yes, yes I know. Bad slave!) So not only is it more concealable for work (Pesky bills and grown up stuff) but it will cut that back to well, non-existent since I won’t have the key!

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been vandalizing bathroom stalls! Master had the idea to write my name or something and I’ve carried it a step farther. If you go into a rest area, truck stop or restaurant and you see “His slut” with either a URL or a smiley that’s me! What I’m proposing is if you read and enjoy this blog and see my Mark, put a heart by it! I want to see how full I can make that area! Muahahahahahaha! Come be a vandal with me 🙂

So next time you’re in a public bathroom, look around you. You’ll be surprised what you see.

*PS- I didn’t do the cock chicken! That was there when I got there! O.o

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