All day when I go into the store people are looking at me even more openly than usual. It’s probably because I have a mini Donkey strapped to my hip! Master won it the other day out of some game. And me being me, I kept it and absolutely love it! He’s very adorable. I know it’s probably childish to still like/have stuffed animals and I really don’t care. I want the Farting Hippo that Abbey has on NCIS. It’s also probably childish to watch Tom and Jerry, huh? Ah well then I’m childish! (Just once I want poor Tom to win.. Just once!)

Master told me today He would like me to paint the BD/SM symbol on my nails. But the only color I have is Black so I have to get gold/red next time We go to Wal-Mart. Then I told Him I wanted the symbol tattooed on the skin between my thumb and first finger on my left hand. I think He forgot about that.

I’m trying to make a deal with Him for more tats than the 4 previously accepted. I am into Body Modification through both piercings and tattoos. Unfortunately all I have is my tongue pierced. I use to have my nose pierced but it fell out while I was sleeping a couple of years back and closed. (Shut it, no laughing!) Master doesn’t like nose piercings so I can’t get it redone. 😦 He’s also really hesitant about me getting my nips and clit hood done. I really want those but it’s not looking good though. So to scratch the itch, I think I should be allowed to more tattoos or one big one to compensate. 🙂 Think it will fly?? Seems reasonable to me.. But what do I know about the inner workings of a Doms Brain?

Last night I asked Him how much responsibility He wanted. In essence if he wanted to be a Top, Dom or Master. I was hoping after a lot of searching He would realize as of late He’s been more of a Top with Dom tendencies. Then maybe want to change. But of course He didn’t see any of that. He said He wanted to stay where He was, my Master/Owner. If He thinks that is where we are at I fear for us because I don’t see it. A Master wouldn’t neglect the needs of His girl and most importantly Himself. And He certainly wouldn’t put up with the things Ngt does! Maybe I’m wrong on that. Doubt it but its possible.

I hate to say it (again) but I won’t believe Him until its out in the open and it’s actually visible. Not just words this time.

(That’s my Donkey in the top right hand corner ^_^)

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