Extreme Revelations

Last night was absolutely amazing! It started with a declaration and resolution from Master. When I told Him how I felt about the very little kink in our life and I thought it was a bit lacking, He really thought about things. He asked me what I wanted for myself and from Him. I, of course, was at this point brutally honest by stating, I want a Sadistic Master not a Boyfriend/Husband.

I was told that He would be testing me. He would find out just what I want and need; How much I can take and how much He can give! It could be a process that lasts a week to several months. I just had to mention that I’ve heart a variation of this before and like all the other times I wasn’t expecting it to last. I’m lucky He gets and understands my reservations, because I have heard all this (or a form there of) before. I’m not saying it will fail, because the first week or two are great. All but perfect. I’m just saying its a greater probability/possibility it won’t last past that.

Master and I had one of our best scenes yet! Nothing to sexual as in no one orgasmed.. But I was thoroughly abused. The sides of my tits are nothing but bruises. I’m sore in places I forgot I had. I teared up but He didn’t stop. He took my breath away quite literally. He had me on all fours forcing me to suck His cock while He smacked my ass and back. I was even reprimanded at one point! 🙂 I have to say it feels wonderful that He is back on.

For once I can’t wait until tomorrow!

I’m exhausted so to bed I go.. Snuggles! *Squeels!*

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