Earning one’s collar

So Master walked me to the truck because its night and I’m bored. I put on a classical CD that plays to the sounds of the ocean, very calming and relaxing. I settle down to write and… Nothing. Even though today has been pretty laid back I’ve got nothing. So I turned to the prompts.

“How long did it take you to obtain your collar? What process did you go through for your collar?”

My first answer?

There wasn’t any process or “Trial Fase” to get my collar. There was no excessive waiting or jumping through hoops. It was just… given. Why is it that some Doms make their subs wait? What’s the point? Don’t they already know if they plan on keeping their subs by that point?

Apparently working to obtain one’s collar is more common than I first thought. As you know I read blogs about this kind of thing. When I first read Sephi explain she hadn’t worn her collar for four(?) years I was stunned. I questioned the bejesus out of that. Didn’t He want to show her off as His by marking her? It all seemed weird. Four(?) years with out HIs collar! I don’t know how she did it.

I just found a blog that has caught my eye and she started blogging this month. (No I won’t link it yet. Dunno about it.) Her Owner made her order hers but won’t let her wear it until she proves herself. Hadn’t she already done that at this stage in the relationship? If He’s so sure as to order it, it would fall to reason that He was sure enough for her to wear it yes?

Maybe my experience (which is apparently not the “norm”) has made me critical of this route? It’s definitely possible, heck maybe even probable. I’m not blind to the (albeit few) good qualities this way has. (In my eyes) It possibly makes not only the symbolism but the actual leather, metal ect more important to the sub/slave. Plus another aspect He can control/manipulate, even to the extent of a good mind fuck. Other than that I can honestly say I don’t get it.

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