Just a quickly to tide you all over…

To start, We will be in Corpus on home time so I will be posting the last month I’ve written. You are in for some treats! *Hint* The last couple of installments of the Surrender stories will be posted! You just have to be patient! *cackles with glee*

And… Its COLD!!

The kind that makes your nips inverted as soon as you step outside.. *nods* Yup its THAT bad! Plus its icy, like uber-icy! Master has been slippin and a sliden all day. Doesn’t help either that its windy and He refuses to wear His winter boots with the good traction… Nope, He likes sliding! *eye rollz*

So you should expect an over load of posts on the 5th or 6th.. Prolly both! 🙂

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