The lights flickered again threatening to go off completely. The storm froze every thing. Power cords were snapping under the weight all over the county. Her little house was surely the next victim.

Why would it be any other way? Its not like there was anyone within a 5 mile radius of her. She should have accepted Sir Marks offer to stay with her until the storm blew over. His protection was now wanted more than the damn heat!

One last pitiful stutter and her power quit on her. Total darkness surrounded her. Her heart accellerated as fear spiked her blood. She hated the dark. Her movements were jittery as she flew all over her home lighting candels. Everyone of them blazed to life creating a low almost erie glow. You know the kind you see before the beautiful blonde gets whacked or rapped by some big hairy brute!

Stop that! She screamed at her over active imagination. Candels were suppose to be soothing not freaky scary! Of course her mind would jump to slasher movies since Sir Mark just had to make her watch one before she left knowing she spooked easy… Fucker! She had to repay Him for this somehow.

A noise from the kitchen ripped a sqeek from her full lips. What the hell? Why don’t you just alert the intruder of where you are, stupid! Her hand wraps around the wraught iron poker her grandma gave her in a vice grip. Whoever it was better say something or she would bash their brains in! She could to it… Maybe, hopefully.

She jumps clean out of her skin as her cat, Whiskers, streaks across her path from the kitchen. He beelined to the couch and just sat there looking at her. Damn cat! She should of got a dog. Sighing, she replaced the poker by the roaring fire and settled on the couch with Whiskers, lazily stroking his soft fur to calm her rattled nerves.

Her eyes drooped with fatigue. She stayed up unable to sleep the night before and it was taking its toll on her body. Damn Sir and His movies!

Gloved hands grab her arms roughtly, affectively waking her. Her eyes bug out as scream rips from her throat. The intruder drags her to her feet, one hand in her hair the other on her arm dragging her to the back room. Her nails fail to find His flesh, instead rake harmlessly against leather. He catches her wrists in his hand stopping her feeble attempts to fight. He throws her on the bed and grapples with her. Straddling her he ties her wrists together on one of the bars of her head board.

His body slides off of her a knife flips open. Her eyes widden in terror as he approaches. Her screams are silenced by his gloved hand. “Bitch, stop screaming! You know no one can hear you here!” the knife slices her button down blouse open. Her black bra the only thing in his way. The flimsy material wouldn’t stand a chance! A flick of his wrist and the knife slices through the middle opening it as if it were butter.

Creamy flesh overflow their bonds. Pink nipples harden into small buds as the cool air kisses flushed flesh. Her whimper of protest is ignored. His hand grabs a fistful of tit and squeezes harshly. Her back bows trying to wiggle his hand away. He only squeezes harder.. “Your struggles will only hurt you, you little slut!” his rough voice rull of menace, promising every nightmare she has ever had to come true. His fingers rolled the little nubs between his fingers and twists painfully. Her screams are music to his ears.

He pushed her skirt up around her waist. Her wiggles only slightly slowed him down. “nononono…” her voice wobbled with fear and panic. The cool bite of the knife slipped over her thong cutting it out of his way. A meaty finger probbed along her folds. Unable to stop her bodies respnse, her cunt started to leak at the touch. Tears escaped, her breath hitched.

His voice was harsh next to her ear. “Ah, you are a slut. You like this don’t you? Don’t shake your head, your wet cunt is all the proof I need.” his finger slipped into her forcefully. Her cry mangled on a sob. Her outter lips full of blood, the scrapping leather sending jolts up to her clit. His finger left and she heard the zipper scrape open. Her eyes squeeze shut, her mind going numb. She didn’t want to be here feeling this! She felt his weight shift between her legs. The tip of his dick probing her cunt. His thick shaft spread her painfully. He filled her to the max. He withdrew and slowly thrust back into her. His hips rocking back and forth. Her muscles clenched around him as he pumped faster into her. Her crys unheard, jumbling into incoherent noise. His grunting quickening as he spilled his load inside her. She shuddered as she felt the hot streams spew into her.

“Your fuck hole just sucked up my juices, slut!” His weight lifted from the bed, leaving her like that for whoever showed up first.

*          *          *         *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

He hadn’t heard anything from her since saturday. She should of called by now. His boot steps sounded His arrival on the front porch. He knocked twice, one to many times, she usually came running on the first knock. He tried the door knob, unlocked. Worry creased His brow. He checked every room. Whiskers greeted Him in the kitchen meowing loudly. No food in the bowl. His heart spiked with fear. He ran to the bedroom and found her there… Tied to the bed all but naked and sobbing. He crossed to her in two large strides, cut her loose and gathered her into His arms. She cried out with joy at seeing Him then continued to sob. She told Him what happened between hickupping sobs…

“Oh Sir, I tried to fight back but… He had a knife!” her body shook as He rocked her back and forth comforting her the best way He could.

“Shh my little one, its ok. Just calm down.” his voice was a balm on her nerves, calm and collected. He had tons of practice hidding His true feelings.. Cold fury turned his insides to fire. Whoever did this would pay with their lives. They messed with the wrong mans slave!

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