Rights or Priviledges

“Submissives need to be told what to do. Slaves need to do what they’re told.” -unknown(?)

Is that really all that separates the submissive and the slave? Or is there more to it than that?

I’ve always thought of myself as a slave more than just a submissive. (not that subs aren’t fantastic, just not for me) At first I thought it had to do with the level of servitude I wanted to partake in, but then I started to experience for myself what the word “slave” entailed. Its one thing to read about others doing it and “playing” it online but its a whole different concept when your doing it.

I’ve always liked rules, routines and rituals. I thoroughly enjoy pleasing others by my actions. I was intrigued about being owned. I thought the more I gave to an Owner/Master the less I was responsible for. I guess in a way that’s true but what others failed to mention was what you are responsible for just became intensified by 1000. There’s no failsafe or grace period. It its not done correctly or His way in a timely manner (His time frame) it lands on your shoulders and yours alone. You don’t have the privilege of procrastination.

In this day and age slavery, true slavery, is illegal. You cant strip the constitutional rights from someone. (no matter how hard Obama tries) But you can strip away a slaves privileges. I hear people say in kink slaves don’t have rights. Yes we do, as human beings we do; But what we don’t have are privileges! An Owner cant take a slaves right to breathe or eat, but He can take away her privilege to eat well..

A submissive however can state how far she is willing to go or how much she can/will give up to His control. She has more freedom in word, action and basic nature. She can set terms upon meeting her Dom.

A slave just accepts her role and makes the best out of it.

For me who ever wrote the above quote got it wrong. It’s not about doing what your told or even doing what is demanded. What separates the sub from the slave is privileges or the lack there of.

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