Puppy Girl

I have been fantasising about puppy play for a long time but for the last month it has constantly been on my mind. I catch myself dreaming up naughty scenarios while Master drives. I just can’t stop.

A few months back I was browsing The Guide and came across a guest post about being a human puppy. At first my mind recoiled like normal people, how your taught to react to the odd. But then I corrected myself and kept reading; Only to find myself horny and oh-so-wet at the prospect.

The mere thought of dressing up in full Puppy gear (mask, ears, suit, paws, hood, collar and leash) and parading around the house like an animal fascinated me! To be stripped of my human rights and responsibilities for a whole day seems so liberating. I would want the entire experience right down to playing fetch and scratching at the door to go potty outside.

The only reason we haven’t done to much of this yet is the lack of space and funds!

It’s my goal to start accumulating the gear and toys now, so when the space becomes available we won’t have to wait to play. Master is not only on board but taking over as Pirate Lord. I’d say captain but that’s to anti-villan for Him. And as you know, every story needs a good bad guy.

In other less naughty news… The ship (that is our life) has been in even calm waters since my “Doh!” moment. Things are progressing as they should, on His terms. I’ve been trying not to push or top from the bottom but its harder than you might think. Especially for me!

But I’m working on it, slowly. 🙂

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