The first glimpse of me!

After I showered I decided to surprise my Master. I have been thinking a lot about my collar and its generated badness. (I wrote about it here) Well the only way the negative feelings go away is to be positive and wear it, right? (*insert head nodding here*) See I thought so to!

So I put my collar back on and came strutting out of the shower. Man, I totally forgot just how many looks I get when it’s on rather than off. Master told me one time it was because they were trying to figure out what it was/ment. I tend to agree!

I’ve had people comment and ask questions to which I respond with a “It’s personal” or “For sentimental reasons” (which isn’t a lie, just a half truth!) depending how they ask of course! If they are rude, I’m going to be to the point, breaching on rudeness myself, they never like that. Hmmm! I wonder why? *eye rolls*

One guy commented saying “Nice collar. My dog has one but its pink!” I was stunned speechless and so was my Master when I sat down and told Him. I didn’t know what to say! I should have said some awesome fire back about: At least I’m potty trained and leash trained! But I had nuffin! You could hear the pin drop it was so quiet. Next time I WILL be ready though. *Cackles with glee!*

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