Master and I woke up at 4:30am this morning. We were on back roads in Georgia so our load was late by 2 hours. It has been brutal though. Once I get tired, oh boy! You all better hold on to your hats. It’s going to be a doozy!

My face feels all dried out like old parchment right now.

And my nose itches apparently.

I keep finding bruises on my legs and have not a clue how they got there. Master is baffled to. I usually find them when I’m shaving. Our guess is I beat myself up at night trying to get comfortable in a teeny bed! But it could be Bob the boogy man… Just sayin’ its a possibility.

Master has court on Monday for a speeding ticket He didn’t earn. At first Monica, His DM, flipped because we were in Corpus the 18th. But its taken care of, we just have to get there. She seemed to think court is the same as home time even though we don’t live in Louisiana. And if we did it would not be Denham Springs!!!

The curse starts tomorrow. This time I need it to show up because Master came inside me when He used me last. Come on icky-ness! Cast out the evil invaders! *Does the body builder stance* Grrr!

Oh, Oh, Oh! Our taxes arrive April 1st! It’s enough to move and maybe get more furniture than I thought. The carrot is so close I can taste it. Mmmm carrot cake! 🙂

And I’m crashing……

*Feels an earthquake and sonic BOOM! go off as I pass the hell out*

PS: Told ya I was tired and Loopy!

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