Master has allowed me to start the HNT’s! So you lovely little pervs get to see a scantily clad me.

We are here in Lancaster for the day. Our bellies were full by Joe’s wonderfull home cooking. His meatballs are fabulous! I mean if Master cooked like that I would be 300+ lbs.

I am having a hard time concentrating because Master has me clamped in pins. The pain is so great but oh so hard to concentrate. Plus He is talking to another trucker. I’m going to beg for a spanking later if I must. I really need a pressure release.

I read a post on submissive frenzy. I read it out loud to Master because it made so much sense. I don’t know what to call my cravings but I know I need to release the pressure building. I always thought it was because of stress or anger why I needed pain or a scene. (That is still part of it though) I’m a pain slut and addicted to the thrill and the feeling of floating on nothing but the sensations He floods me with. I do mean flood I get a little panicky until I realize who my torturer is. Then I find the little groove or current of pain where I cope best and can tollerate the most sensations.

On a normal note Master got a brand new qualcomm! It’s all High-teck and what not. Plust a brand new black box.

*groans* Now they will know everything.

Well… Not everything! *Cackles with evil glee*

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