I’m here in the truck in Kansas. The terminal sucks ass. The things for the truck drivers are sparse and what they do have is in such poor quality. The seats need replaced! All but two games are broke and there is no food close. The closest truck stop is in Missouri a minimum of 50 miles away. This one isn’t on my to-come-back-to list.

I’ve realized that even though I don’t like people taking my pictures, I do like taking and sending naughty pictures to Master. He wanted me to take a boob picture and send it. Well, I got inspired. I made a rope harness thing and put it on with three pins per boob and sent the picture off.

He said He liked it. I had to ask. I got a little self conscious because I’m a meaty girl and not to happy about it. But as long as He still enjoys me I can work with it. I probably took 20 pictures and only sent off 7. I had to make sure the angle and lighting was good or I wouldn’t send them.

By the end of the picture-taking I was so wet He could have slipped 3 fingers in real easy! He allowed me to play and said We would play again later. I’m trying not to get excited but I just can’t help myself.

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