As I wrote yesterday I had a spontaneous burst of erotic picture-taking. The whole experience was fun and kind of kinky. I was so heated I asked to play. His response “yep ya can.” Then “you can play now and later hehe.” I was uber excited. Two play times in 1 day? How did I get so lucky, right?


Remember its Ngt we are speaking of. The man who will say one thing and do the complete opposite. So earlier in the day I was told I would be tied and blind folded. I was again in a jittery state of anticipation.

I told Him the day before that just playing with a toy/finger is unfulfilling and leaves me empty or hollow. Plus I hadn’t cum in two months when He came the last week. When we came to the truck I got all but naked in my eagerness. Turns out it wasn’t needed.

All that was done was me giving Him a quick tug until He came. I don’t like doing that because my hand gets sticky and I don’t like the taste of His cum. I don’t like blow jobs or wads of semen.

So my new upper body harness wasn’t used. (I threw it out the next day) I didn’t get touched and I was never tied up or blind folded. So once again I feel degraded, used, empty, unfulfilled and disappointed. But whats new??

I’ve also realized something. I don’t have to bend over awkwardly to shave my cunt anymore. I will trim it because a full bush is nasty. But I’m the only one to see it, so why bother? It’s not like He uses it enough to notice!

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