America the great?

I was going to write about last nights fuck but honestly I’m not feeling it now.

I decided to write while He watched two things that are boring to me on the best day. That was until He ridiculed my dislike of American History. It’s like a chore for Him to leave well enough alone. He may have ties to this country but I don’t. I’d love to be in Australia or Japan. Who cares if I like German History better or even Russian History. So He was a Marine, I get that. But what did it ever do for Him except nightmares?!

What is our Nation wide culture like India, Japan or China? What do Americans have as a glue or common factor?

We sure don’t have respect or kindness for our fellow-man. When Katrina hit, everyone was looting and breaking into businesses. Those men/women who own those houses or businesses worked hard to get what they have and what did people do? Break in and steal!

Then the Tsunami hit Japan and no one loots. I hear Americans say “It’s because they have nothing.” I want to smack them and tell them the true reason. Everyone over there tries to help their fellow-man not ruin his chance for a good life. A teacher volunteered to run an evacuation site/safe zone and 50+ workers stayed at the Power plant even though the danger was high. Why? Because they felt it was their duty to protect others.

Here woman are trying to be men. Men are trying to be women and our kids are running wild in the streets! There are no defined roles in our culture.

I wish the ’40s, ’50s and early ’60s would come back. As Master puts it: When Men were real men and the woman were damn proud of it!

Another reason I prefer Japan! America the great? More like America the confused.

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