Night out

Today has been insane! First the truck breaks down and has to be towed. Then our pizza comes uncut with less than half of the toppings. Yep, you heard right! Barely any topings and uncut. Pfft on Dominos.

I have been tired practically all day. We only have 6hours of sleep and its 1:41am now.

The slave I talk to on Fetlife came down with her Owner today. I was so nervous I almost had my Master cancel! I am now happy to say my Master wouldn’t let me. We had so much fum. We went out to Floyds for cobler and ended up with dinner and dessert. Their cheese cake was good. Not as good as their breakfast mind you! And their small chef salad was so HUGE! I was suprised.

The good time carried back over to the hotel. (Nothing dirty you pervs!) The Men played pool and then we all played ping-pong. j and I got all the way to 29 hits without loosing control of the ball! It was so much fun. The Men only got to like 4. *giggles*

It also reassured my Master that we infact aren’t the only S/m couple out there. It helped me too. I wasn’t intimidated by her or Their relationship. I didn’t feel like a foney but instead like a true slave that has a hard time balancing kink with Normal.

I was really glad and relieved about that and this whole deal. I have a feeling W/we may be spending time together and getting to know one another a lot.

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